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How it works

Our treatment is specially formulated to create micro alteration to the treated surface that is invisible to the naked eye without affecting the structural integrity of the tiles. The treatment will dramatically increase traction on wet floors so as reduce slippery surfaces and it does not require any cure time after treatment, your floor will be ready to be step on normalcy.

No Odour

No pungent smell, no odour.


Minimal downtime

It should not take more than 30 minutes for an experienced independent contractor
to complete the anti-slip treatment for each residential bathroom.

Long Lasting

Depending on the traffic and quality of tile, the effect usually last above 36 months with frequent maintenance to prevent built-up of dirt, oil, soap or other residue.

No maintenance

No special cleaning product is needed, just continue the way you usually clean your floor.

No change in look

Risks of discoloration are slim but not impossible depending on the quality of your floor tiles. Our solution does not significantly alter the appearance for most tile surfaces. Tiles that are dark in colour might be lighten depending on the quality of tiles and polished or glossy surface could result in loss of shine after the anti-slip treatment. Always conduct a test treatment in a small inconspicuous area of your choice to ascertain if the results are acceptable to you prior proceeding to treat the entire area.

See Before & After Appearance

Works with great range of flooring type

Ceramic, enamel, porcelain, marble, terracotta, terrazzo, mosaic, granite, stone, concrete and other similar types of tiles and materials.


Certified Treatment solution

Our treatment is tested and certified by independent lab to achieve significant increase in pendulum test values.

2 seconds to an unattended toddler is all you need to witness a slip, this is what happened to us before getting anti slip done. Treatment was fast and effective, thank you.

~ Mr Kong

We used to install non-slip floor stickers after our 2 years old child slip and fall while having his shower but stickers can’t cover the entire area and it doesn’t come cheap so we decided to try the treatment recommend by our friend. No regrets, the results was amazing, we can really feel the grip!

~ Lindsay Wong

Thank you. Was quite worried for my kids, (5 & 8 years old) when I shifted to my new place as our bath room was slippery. It is finally safe now. I can absolutely feel the difference. Must be one of the best investment ever.

~ Madam Tan SH

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The Vendor of this product makes no representations as to the effectiveness of this product in preventing slips and falls. Slips and falls could occur in many and various diverse situations and you are advised, even when using this product and our treatment, to exercise care when walking on wet surfaces at all times and to take other measures to prevent slips and falls.

The aim of this product is to increase floor tile traction on wet floors so as reduce slippery surfaces. There is no assurance given by us whatsoever that the use of the treatment or product could prevent slips or falls.

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